Using Food Survey Questionnaires To Ascertain Consumer Happiness

Surveys have been around forever. When you want to get an idea of how one, or many people perceive or relate to something, a survey or questionnaire is a good way to find out.

There are two different types of surveys – questionnaires, and interviews. Questionnaires typically have shorter closed-ended questions, while an interview calls for longer more detailed answers. A survey can be done on paper, over the phone, or online. Topics can range from the serious to the inane, and may be used to gather information for market research or just for fun. One type of survey is a food survey questionnaire.

A food survey may be in place to determine the marketability of a certain product in a definable area. Not all products are sold in every city or town. This is because the manufacturer has realized their product will not sell there, or the buyers in that area have not requested the product. By producing a survey, it is easier to determine where they should place their product, whether anyone has heard of the product, and whether there is a market for it in your area.

When taking a food survey questionnaire it is important to be completely honest as your answers are most likely to influence future development and marketing of a product. By providing an honest answer, you have a chance to have any changes you desire heard, or to have a product you love remain the same.

When running a food survey questionnaire there are a few things the writers keep in mind. One is that you will obtain more truthful answers if the survey is anonymous. People tend to be more open when there is no threat of discovery at their habits, or preferences. For example if a question such as “How many calories do you consume in a day?” were asked, some may be embarrassed or unsure if their answer would be considered within range, and may change their answer to reflect what they believe the surveyor wants to hear, or what the average person would say. The majority of food survey questionnaires require that you only enter the most basic of information such as age, sex and perhaps education level or income.

The key things to remember when completing a food survey questionnaire are to be honest, and read the questions carefully to know what exactly they are hoping to gain from your answer.

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